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5 Ways To Make Running Workouts More Fun

When was the last time you laced up those Nike’s and hit the asphalt? Running or jogging is an excellent aerobic workout that gets your heart pounding, sweat dripping and endorphins surging (a.k.a runners high)! All good things right!?!

5 ways to rev up your running routine - The Golden Natives

My problem…

I get BORED after 10 mins, especially with the same playlist I’ve heard a thousand times (Taylor Swift and Beyonce can only carry me so far.) If you’re finding it hard to get your legs back in running mode, here are 5 ways to make running workouts more fun by reving up the excitement level and getting yourself motivated again…

1. Run With A Group

In fact, come run with me!! I started a run club that meets every week in different locations around Orange County, CA. It’s nothing serious, just a few active people (with and without kids), chatting and getting our fitness on. If your interested in running with us, email me at for more information!

Here are a few pictures from last week’s run…

5 ways to rev up your running routine - The Golden Natives5 ways to rev up your running routine - The Golden Natives5 ways to rev up your running routine - The Golden Natives5 ways to rev up your running routine - The Golden Natives

2. Get Competitive With Yourself

Use a running workout app to track your speed, mileage and condition. I like Nike+Running but here are a few others to consider. Challenge yourself each time you get out for a run and try to beat your last stats. Push yourself and keep your competitive spirit throughout your runs to ensure your building to new heights.

3. Create/Find Multiple Go-To playlist

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been running with Pandora playing and had to skip three songs that killed my runner’s high. Music is crucial, am I right or am I right?!? My suggestion: change it up each week. Take a few minutes each week to download or spotify new music. And if you get stuck with Pandora, my favorite stations for running workouts are Kaskade radio and Flo Rida radio.

4. Run for a cause

From the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Event and the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, there are tons of inspiring opportunities to run for a cause! Whether your looking for an easy 5K or attempting an intense marathon, ACTIVE.COM is a great find-all website for runner events.

5. Your Favorite TV Show

Okay, honestly…the best way to motivate myself to get up is knowing I can go run for an hour, in an air-conditioned room with my favorite Food Network show on the tv. I have even been known to plan out my gym time around tv shows that I love…there’s no shame in my game!

Also, if you have any OC running trails you love or wanna test out, tell me about them!! Would love to hear from y’all!!

Happy sweating,

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