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Saturday Morning in French: Samedi Matin

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m feeling a little French! This may be because fall makes me long to visit Paris, or because of this song I’ve had on repeat by Pink Martini. Since I can’t jet off to Paris, I decided to give my new crepe pan a try – first time crepe maker, right here guys! I love crepes – especially because they can be both sweet and savory (I usually need both to be satisfied).

I stumbled upon this site that pulled together THIRTY sweet and savory crepe recipes. Yup, THIRTY! I finally decided on a crepe recipe from Half Baked Harvest. So this morning, I’m…


Saturday Morning: Packing & My Little Travel Kit

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m packing for another trip! I have always despised packing, but with how much I’ve been traveling lately I decided I needed to find ways to make it suck less. With the holidays coming up, we’ll all probably be traveling a lot more, so I wanted to start sharing with you some packing/travel tips that have really helped me. One of the things I’ve done to make packing easier is create a travel toiletry kit. I keep it stocked and ready to go, so that when it’s time to take a trip I don’t have to worry about gathering up the toiletries I need. Today, I’m sharing my little kit with you!


Ready to Rise


Today is the day of the Rise Festival! We are busy out in the Mojave Desert, experiencing the festival to the fullest. But we can’t wait to share our experience with you here on the blog soon! If any of you will be at the festival, please come say hi. We’d love to meet you! If not, do something amazing with your weekend, you deserve it ;).


My Little Herb Garden

Herbs are pretty amazing little things! They’ve been used for centuries for cooking, medicine, religion, and even for magic ;). I’ve always just bought my herbs at the grocery store as needed, but every time I do I wish that I could just have my own on-hand, ready to harvest. So I’ve FINALLY decided to bring it on home, and plant my own herbs! From what I’m reading, it’s not that hard, and you can easily do it in a space that’s big or little, indoors or outdoors!