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Chocolate Almond Frozen Banana Bites | Take The Edge Off

Hey friends! I have found heaven on earth and it’s DELICIOUS!! Please, when you get home tonight (or when you have 20 mins in the kitchen), whip up these decadent, guilt-free dessert bites that will change your world. Right now, I am trying to be healthy and we all know how boring healthy can get. Sure, we can throw some veggies in a spiralizer and make it fun to eat, but I almost always need something sweet afterwards. These little chocolatey, crunchy bites will take the edge off and keep you on track to your healthy goals.

chocolate almond frozen banana bites | www.thegoldennatives.comYou know what these remind me of…the chocolate dipped frozen bananas we always get when we’re cruising around Balboa Island (or known to the locals as Balboa Bars). My bites are just slightly better because of the almond butter in the middle and those huge frozen bananas are just so hard to eat. They fall apart after your second or third bite. Don’t be surprised if you see my little frozen banana bites shop on Balboa Island next summer:)

Chocolate Almond Frozen Banana Bites


2 mid-ripe bananas

1 bar dark chocolate (the 75% or above is the healthiest)

A handful of crushed almonds


Sea Salt

1/4 tbsp Coconut Oil (for melting chocolate)

Other toppings (coconut shavings, caramel drizzle, sprinkles, it’s endless really)


1. Cut and place wax paper down on small cookie sheet (It’s going in your freezer so find appropriate size or use a plate)

2. Slice both bananas as coins, about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick.

3. Spoon almond butter about a pea size onto individual banana slices. You only need to do this to half of your banana slices. Then top each piece with naked banana slice. Put tray of banana slices in freezer for 20 mins.

chocolate almond frozen banana bites |

4. While the bananas are freezing, spread crushed almonds and sea salt, in separate piles on a plate.

5. Begin to heat your chocolate. Chop chocolate bar into uniform pieces to guarantee proper melting. I like to use the double-boiler melting method to guarantee melted perfection but you could easily use a microwave. Either way, I always add just a little coconut oil in the bowl first to add smoothness to the chocolate.

6. When chocolate is melted, remove the bananas from the freezer. Take toothpick and pick up your first double banana slice and dip into chocolate. The bananas should stay together as they are frozen. Gently dip, roll and shake banana in chocolate till it’s covered. Dip chocolate covered banana bite into nuts and sprinkle a few pieces of sea salt on top. Place the chocolate covered banana back onto the wax paper, making sure it doesn’t touch the other bananas.

7. Repeat dipping, toppings step until they are all covered. Place back into freezer for another 20-30 mins. Once frozen, store frozen banana bites in freezer bag or tupperware for easy access.

Recipe makes about 25-30 bites.

When I first made these, I ate three before I could get them frozen again. They are oh so good and oh so healthy…compared to what dessert we could be eating:) Let me know what y’all think!!


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Enjoy your hump day natives!!

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