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Habits for Living a Happier, Healthier Life


5 Habits to live a happy, healthy life |


I haven’t always had the patience or focus for healthy living. When I was in college, I would eat whatever I could afford and what tasted good. When senior year rolled around and I began modeling more, I got advice from my agents to tone up and slim down. I immediately changed my focus towards what food I was eating and how much activity I was getting. I thought the changes I needed to make were purely physical but as soon as I started working out and eating better, I realized I was gaining so much more than a leaner, toner body. My overall happiness increased because I added a new element of purpose to my life. I was addicted to the overall positive changes that came with my new-found healthy living. Today, I have developed many habits (here’s another post about them) that help keep me on my healthy/happy path.

Stop and smell the roses.

Through my experiences, this really just means to appreciate life and what we’ve been given! Since having kids, I’ve learned a lot about patience and living in the now. Life goes by so fast, try to slow down and enjoy the moments that are happening now.

Drink Water, lots and lots of water!

This is pretty clear, drink water. I’ve been trying to cut down on my diet coke intake (still have my daily Sparks! though) by drinking loads of water instead. Downfall, I take crazy amounts of bathroom breaks! But seriously, drinking water has so many benefits. It flushes out toxins from your body, which can lead to clearer pores (bye bye breakouts) It can keep you feeling fuller and can also help “keep things flowing”…if you know what I me:) Personally, I try to drink about 90 oz a day (I’m breastfeeding). Check out how much water you should be drinking here.

Eat your fruits and veggies!

Veggies have a high water content so you’re killing two birds with one stone. We all know that veggies are packed with nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Find the ones that you like and always have them in your fridge for a quick snack or dinner side. I personally love broccoli, spinach, apples and sweet potatoes. I have started adding roasted, cubed sweet potatoes to my boring salads and I’m loving it.

Choose to be happy!

Count your blessing, hold back on complaints, be kind to others, journaling, exercise. These are all ways I choose to be happy. Each day, I try to make a conscious decision to be positive in the best way I know how. This is a daily challenge with the crazy life of having two kids, working and blogging. I know life isn’t perfect, but I try to make it easier by being positive.


I know these habits aren’t profound or different from what you’ll find out there. For me, it’s the consistency and following through with purpose that really makes these habits work. If you have found purpose in your life (for me, it’s my faith and family) then you have something to live better for.

Find joy. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses:)



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