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Helping Others, One Sole at a Time

“The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley

Helping someone in need is powerful, for both you and the recipient. Have you ever felt bad about holding a door open for someone behind you? Or regretted  giving up your seat to an old woman with a walker? A little act of kindness can work wonders in someones life, especially if that person is suffering or just simply having a bad day.

 buyamba |

Buyamba is a company that helps people (women and children especially) in the beautiful country of Uganda. The brand was established about 4 years ago as a means to restore hope in women and children who have been affected by the HIV virus, displaced, abused and stricken by war. Their mission is to give them a purpose, to empower them and do more than giving them a handout. Buyamba incorporates indigenous crafts the women make, into fashionable footwear. In turn, the women are learning, employed, able to support their children and have a better quality of life. Buyamba also helps children through the building of schools and providing much-needed education and nourishment. Educating children and giving them a bright future is a definite way to building a better tomorrow. The word Buyamba in the local language in Uganda, Africa means “to help” and that’s exactly what they’ve been striving to do.

buyamba | www.thegoldennatives.comHow does Buyamba help?

  • One sole at a time, selling adorable, comfortable shoes with the handmade paper beads. See The process of making the beads for a closer look.
  • Buyamba partnered with a non-profit organization, Buyamba Uganda, which gives over 90% of every dollar given, directly for the children’s educational and nutritional needs.

buyamba | www.thegoldennatives.comHow can we help?

  • Bring awareness to Buyamba by liking them on Facebook.
  • Become familiar with the work they do HERE so you can share the story
  • Purchasing a pair of Buyamba shoes (see below for styles)

ADJUMANI DESERTbuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combrown fringe boots

We both got these booties because of that fun fringe. The inside soles are soft and even have a small lift at the heel. The fringe is a cute detail along with the red beads that make this bootie special. Overall, it’s an everyday bootie that you can wear with skinnies or even a flowy dress.

buyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.comblack flats

I just gotta say I wear these shoes everywhere. They are a comfortable everyday flat that adds a little sparkle to my boring jeans and tee. The inside soles are leather and very soft. I got a size 7.5 and they are pretty true to size, though they may stretch as they are leather.

ARUA BLACKbuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.combuyamba | www.thegoldennatives.comtapestry wedge boot

The ultimate fall shoe. We love this unique wedge paired with jeans, black skinnies or even a black dress and tights.


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Buyamba is working to make a change, to do good and help others. They’re a positive influence that needs our help and support to spread the word. Get to know their story, share their mission with your friends, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.


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