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Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts Interview | The Golden NativesTalk about a busy bee, this girl not only has a wildly successful blog TheSkinnyConfidential but Lauryn Evarts has worked her butt (literally) to launch her new fitness/nutirition subscription site. I had a chance to check out the site and I gotta say, it’s inspiring. Lauryn gives targeted workout plans, tons of healthy food options and recipes, along with a community of other users to connect and share with. It’s a great way to stay healthy, fit and motivated towards your goals.

I connected with Lauryn when she asked to interview me for her blog, read my interview here. Since then, I’ve followed her hilarious, no-nonsense writing for all things girly. Oh, and did I mention she wrote a book in her spare time…now you see why I wanted to interview this beauty. Here ya go…


I’m Lauryn the blogger behind The Skinny Confidential. I recently wrote a book that’s an extension of the blog called The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide. My fitness/nutrition subscription just launched too ( you can find it here ).  I live in San Diego and Los Angeles, part time with my two chihuahuas & sexy fiance. 

Favorite places to hang in SD?

Definitely Hani Sushi, Craft & Commerce, & home ( hahaha ).

Your blog-style? What has blogging meant to you?

My style is direct. I don’t beat around the bush. I say it how it is. I would say my blog is what everyone is thinking but is too afraid to say. I talk a lot about balance too…kale in one hand, champagne in the other, baby.

How long did it take you to write your book? 

A year. GNARLY process. Think: up until 4 am, crying, sweating, anxiety, etc. Afterwards? The struggle was worth the sweat. It was/is a totally amazing feeling to see my book in Barnes & Nobel and on Amazon. 


Lauryn Evarts Interview | The Golden Natives


Personal style and influences / inspiration.

I love VB. Victoria Beckham always nails it. She’s sooooo on point. My style is neutrals with  an occasional pop of color (think bright red or emerald green). I love black (who doesn’t) but I also looooovvveee white. White always makes me feel clean. I’m loving the 90’s look lately. Structured, straight hair, super/super/super red lips, & a basic white men’s tee. 

Favorite designers and places to shop?

YSL has me like….AHHHHHH I NEED EVERYTHING. But it’s wayyyy expensive so I typically go for Nordstrom, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, & local boutiques/vintage thrift shops…the usual suspects.

Skimp on?…

Nasty vibes, dill, coffee without a straw, bandage dresses ( ew ), washing my hair, laziness, guys that drive too fast to be cool, & needles. Ugh. I really hate needles. 

Splurge on?…

Fig candles, Meyer lemon, champagne, disco balls, books, chihuahuas, Brazilian music, green juice, snapchat, chips & salsa, making out, and bell bottoms.

Lauryn Evarts Interview | The Golden NativesThe first thing you look at in another person’s outfit:

Their personality. Ha! 

Favorite denim brand?

BDG from Urban Outfitters…love their jeans. 

Three makeup items you can’t live without?

Eyelash primer, nude lip liner, & Benefit’s ‘Watts Up’.

Signature scent?

Dolce & Gabbana ‘Light Blue’ for sure. I also like this super old school scent called ‘Midnight Charm’ by Dior.

Lauryn Evarts Interview | The Golden Natives

Tip for staying lean and healthy?

Grapefruit/apple vinegar water in the AM, eggs, chia seeds, & break a sweat everyday.

Your on-the-go healthy snack?

Whole almonds, chia seed pudding, green juice, & an oldie but goodie: a banana! 

Lauryn Evarts Interview | The Golden Natives


A tip for beginning blogger?

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken! And be prepared to work. Also, stay consistent & find your voice. 

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I’m spooning my fiance with my chihuahua ( who are spooning us too ). 

What do you do when you’re home alone?

Read, blog, clean, organize, clean more, cook, organize more, blog, you get it. Also, light candles, play Frank Sinatra, dim the lights, & pour a glass of red wine. Heaven!

What does the word hustle mean to you?

You do whatever you can everyday ( everyyyy day ) to work towards the bigger picture. Carry small stones daily to build a mountain.

What has been your greatest influence as a developing small business owner?

My fiance and my dad. Both have been very helpful on the business side. 

How do you get inspired? Motivated? 

I try to inspire myself. Inspiration comes from within. If I’m feeling inspired or motivated, I know I need a break and I’m burnt out! 


Instagram: @THESKINNYCONFIDENTIAL || Book: The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide || Website: WWW.THESKINNYCONFIDENTIAL.COM 


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