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New Mom Favorites

bring home baby, things you'll need |
bring home baby, things you'll need |




Being a new mom is exciting, a little scary and completely exhausting. No parenting class can prepare you for the diaper blowouts, leaky boobs and projectile vomit. When I had my first daughter, my husband and I would stay up all hours of the night, just listening to make sure she was breathing. The lack of sleep was debilitating, putting the zombies on Walking Dead to shame. This time around, I’ve got some reinforcements. Besides the 50 burp clothes I would recommend (they help cut back on the wash load), here are a few of my new mom favorites that make living with an infant a little easier.

  1. A good nursing bra – I have tested a few different brands and I’ve found a winner, with a perfect name; BoobDesign. Boob makes awesome pregnancy and nursing clothing with super soft fabrics. Don’t skimp on a nursing bra, get at least 2 good ones!
  2. A good breast pump – Since I went back to work after I had Alden, pumping and storing my milk was essential! Pumping gives me freedom to work and sleep, I love it. This Medela pump has stood the test of time and still going strong, three years and many pumps later.  Neither of my kids got nipple confusion but I know some woman worry about that. We started both girls very young on bottles (2 weeks old) so I can only guess that helped them transition to having both.
  3. A huge water container – If your breastfeeding, you are constantly thirsty. My water mug goes everywhere with me around the house. Tip: only put water in this one so the straw doesn’t get nasty with build up. (I learned the hard way with old smoothie bits)
  4. Not a diaper bag – When I had Alden, I bought two adorable diaper bags. I loved them but found that I was still wanting to carry my purse (which was way cuter) I would recommend NOT buying a diaper bag and just getting a really cute purse or back pack with side pockets. I love THIS ONE because it’s big enough for all the essentials, has side pockets for bottles, etc. and can be used after baby.
  5. A good swing/bouncer – These things are life savers. It’s so nice to have August, swinging away, when I’m cooking in the kitchen or working on the computer. I really like this swing because it cradles baby and swings with music. It’s a good buy if your baby likes motion.
  6. A good concealer – Sleep is necessary. When I don’t get sleep, I feel crazy and get dark circles under my eyes. I can’t do anything about the crazy but I can look somewhat decent with a few dabs of creamy concealer. Plus, the Nars concealer comes in travel sizes to make life on-the-go easier.  HERE is my favorite.

Hang in there new moms, it gets easier:) And I’m sure you’ve heard this a ton: enjoy these moments as it goes by so fast. Its true. Way to fast!

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I wanna know, what are your favorite baby items? Comment below or leave me a comment on instagram!


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