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Simple Tips for Good Pictures

So much unseen prep work goes into a successful photo shoot. Whether you’re doing a photo shoot for family photos, bridals, a model test, etc. here are a few simple tips for good pictures



After working in the industry for over 10 years, I’ve learned what it takes to pull together a successful photo shoot.  This particular shoot I did with photographer John Schell was a collaboration to create content for our portfolios & social media. As effortless as it looks, we prepped and prepared to make this day go smoothly.  I created a “mood board” and collected inspiration pictures for reference. John showed me examples of the type of shots he wanted. We had worked together previously  so I knew he could produce amazing photos. Also, we choose the location (around Abbot Kinney and Venice Beach canals) because we’d both shot there before. All the preparation paid off as it was a fun day scooting around and seeing the sights.


OK, I know this might sound silly but choose a few poses you like/can do naturally and get your pose on! A few weeks before the shoot, stand in front of a full length mirror and practice your poses. Whether it’s hand on the hip, angling your good side to the camera or popping knee out, just watch yourself do it. You’ll have more confidence if you’ve done it a bunch of times already. All this practice will hopefully prepare you to “move naturally” in front of the camera. Sometimes the candid, “between poses” photos turn out the best.


I’ve seen multiple models sent home after showing up to set with bad attitudes. Why would you wanna be the person to bring everyone down?? Get yourself excited to be there and be happy! If you’re shooting for the first time; listen to your favorite music or an inspiring podcast on your way there. Eat something delicious so you’re not starving while shooting. Not only will your happy demeanor get you hired again, it will show up in the photos. It’s written all over your face:)


Prepare yourself. Talk with your photographer about what you’re looking to get out of the photo shoot (research and find the right photographer). Make a “mood board” with images that inspire your style, makeup/hair and feel of the day. Most importantly, prep yourself physically.

  • Makeup: I was lucky to learn all my beauty secrets from professional BUT no worries if you don’t have that!! Get online and seek out a YouTuber or Blogger (I linked both of my favorites) that you can copy from. There are so many amazing online resources that can help you do a natural, bumped up version of yourself. Something to remember: makeup looks fresher on smooth, hydrated skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, whatever you need to do:)
  • Hair: My photo shoot hair starts the night before. After my shower, I spray the crap out of my roots with the best root booster ever. Then a little sea salt spray in the ends and leave it to air dry for bed. The next morning my roots have volume and I can do whatever style I need to my hair (curly, straight, waves, whatever)
  • Tan: Lets face it, everyone looks better with a sun-kissed glow. Maybe not Jersey Shore tan, but a slight bronzed glow looks good on camera. Get familiar with your tanning product and don’t just put it on the night before a shoot. Watch out for the orangey, streaky ones…no bueno. My favorite self-tanner with the mit, you can’t go wrong!!

I hope these simple tips help with your next shoot. Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more, love hearing from y’all.



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